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Pausing YouTube & Vimeo Videos via postMessage

Using postMessage we can communicate with an <iframe> by posting data to it. The data that we would typically post to an <iframe> would be something…

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Disabling Telephone Number Formatting in Microsoft Edge

After finally getting around to upgrading my work PC to Windows 10, I was really impressed with Microsoft’s latest browser: Microsoft Edge. It provided…

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WordPress JSON API Custom Controllers

I recently had to use the JSON API plugin for WordPress, this has a great set of core functions for retrieving or modifying data such…

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Move.js is a jQuery plugin I wrote that allows you to manipulate DOM elements into different positions on your page. This is incredibly useful…

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Targeting IE without conditionals

Since the release of IE11, Microsoft have confirmed that they have discontinued conditional comments. This means that you can no longer fix bugs for…

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jQuery Convert Text into Columns

This is some cross-browser jQuery code I wrote to convert text into columns. The function can convert an article or block of text into…

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