Freelance WordPress Developer Manchester

My name is Michael Smyth, I’m a freelance WordPress developer from Manchester.

WordPress is the most popular content management system to date, and is favoured by many users and developers alike. WordPress makes it incredibly easy for anyone and everyone to have a dynamic site where they can update their content and add new content without needing a web developer.

Using a content management system such as WordPress gives you the ability to easily edit or add new content to your site without the complications of HTML or CSS. WordPress is currently powering over 32% of the web. That’s a lot of websites. It is not hard to see why WordPress is so popular when you look at the amazing community and vast range of plugins which allow you to expand WordPress’s capabilities, thus making it an obvious decision to build your website using WordPress.

Do you want your website building in WordPress? Do you want your existing site built into a WordPress theme? Get in touch.